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What is Array?

Array is an app that can help you build your savings while building solar farms.

In Array, you can apply to invest in financial products which are managed or promoted by Future Super. It’s likely that the first two available will be:

  • Future Renewables Fund
  • Future Super Fund

Once you have invested, through Array you will be able to get information about your investments, and your impact.

Before investing in any financial product, you should read the Product Disclosure Statement for the product, and consider speaking to your financial adviser to check that the product meets your investing needs.

In Array, you will be able to access the PDS for every product which is available on Array.

If I sign up for Array, do I have to invest in something?

No, signing up to Array or downloading the Array App does not mean you have to make any investment.

Who is behind Array?

Array was built in collaboration by FEAT and Future Super:

  • FEAT aka Future Energy Artists are a group of Australia’s top musical artists, led by Heidi Lenffer from Sydney band Cloud Control. Heidi formed FEAT with a vision that artists and the music industry could invest in renewables as a powerful response to the reality of climate change.
  • Future Super is Australia’s most renewables-focussed fund manager, and it manages over $400 million for over 13,000 Australians. Future Super’s vision is that Array will help many thousands of Australians to get started investing in renewables, and that together we can help accelerate Australia’s transition to a renewable energy future.

Who is behind the financial products on Array?

Future Super is the promoter and manager of the financial products which are available on Array and makes the Array app available.

Each product may have a different issuer:

  • The issuer of the Future Renewables Fund is One Managed Investment Funds Limited ACN 117 400 987
  • The issuer of the Future Super Fund is Diversa Trustees Limited ACN 006 421 638

Do I have to get Array to access these financial products?

Both the Future Super Fund and the Future Renewables Fund are already available.  You can access information and their PDSs on their websites:

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